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Welcome to Humboats Kayak Adventures, the Redwood Coast's finest kayak and canoe specialist, certified by the ACA and BCU, catering to all levels of paddlers.

Humboats is commited to excellence, professionalism, and safety. Our lessons and tours are taught by professional guides with local and international expedition experience.

Our commitment to safety is evidenced by our extensive training through organizations such as the American Conoe Association, British Canoe Union, Wilderness Medicine Institute, National Outdoor Leadership School, Rescue III Intl., U.S. Coast Guard, and Sea Kayak Guides Alliance.

Humboats Kayak Adventures is committed to excellence, professionalism, and safety. Our lessons and tours are taught by professional guides with years of experience, both locally and on an international scale. Our commitment to safety is backed up by constant training and drills as well as the many organizations that have certified our guides such as the American Canoe Association, British Canoe Union, Wilderness Medicine Institute, Rescue III Intl., the U.S. Coast Guard, and the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance. For Hawk and his fellow guides, this is not simply a job or a hobby as kayaking and canoeing for them are a way of life. Besides their commitment to being the North Coast’s best and safest instructors, the guides at Humboats Kayak Adventures are avid naturalists intimately knowledgeable about all manner of flora and fauna of the marine environment.

John (a.k.a. ‘Hawk’) Martin:

Hawk Martin is the lead instructor at Humboats Kayak Adventures. He is a certified American Canoe Association (ACA) coastal kayak instructor and has achieved his 4-star certification and canoe safety certification from the British Canoe Union (BCU). Hawk has training in swiftwater rescue and has completed the wilderness first responder course. Hawk has over 15 years of experience in paddle sports and has accomplished numerous adventure kayaking and solo expeditions worldwide. Hawk is a tested professional. He has taught basic and advanced kayak skills to hundreds of clients and had led tours in many countries. He is a forthright and safety conscious paddler, and no matter which course you take, you will learn skills that will help you to enhance your enjoyment on the water in a safe and confident manner.

More about Hawk:

Hawk is an adventurer skilled in campcraft and kayak expeditioning. Hawk has spent a liefetime preparing to take the reigns of his own outfitter business. As the new owner of Humboats Kayak Adventures, Hawk takes great pride in sharing his love and stewardship of all places wild and untamed. Hawk first encountered the responsibility of leadership as an elite Army Ranger, where he graduated with top honors from the grueling Ranger school, known as one of the toughest, most intense leadership courses in the world. As an Army Ranger Hawk paddled an old wooden klepper on a training mission down the Chagras River during jungle survival training in Panama. After military service, Hawk found himself living deep in the wilderness at a school for native lifeways sponsored by the Ojibwa Indian Nation. Here he honed his paddling skills and ability to survive in any climate with relative ease. In this deep Northwoods wilderness, Hawk spent season after season connecting with the spirit that moves through all things and exploring the sacred balance of things on earth. Years later Hawk became a student of the great Buddhist master Ckokyi Nyima Rinpoche, and spent years as a caretaker at a seasonal 240-acre Buddhist retreat center where he was able to meditate in solitude. Hawk also traveled to the Himalayas to study and practice at his teacher’s monastery. After returning to the U.S., Hawk determined that kayaking was his path in this life. He pursued any training he could, achieving a high level of certification and qualifications in preparation for a career as an adventure specialist. Along the way Hawk also began the adventure of fatherhood. If you visit Hawk’s shop on Woodley Island, you may chance to meet his family: soulmate and business partner Roxanne, a lover of the outdoors and a capable kayaker,and two children Amelia and little Eric . So whatever your age or station in life, join with Hawk to follow the path of the paddle; the Earth is our mother and guide ­ he’s just there to hold the door open.

About Roxanne:

From her first canoe trip as a young girl traveling down the Crow Wing River in Minnesota, Roxanne has been a lover of the outdoors. Roxanne loves the wilderness and has hiked, back-packed, and paddled through many miles of open space. Roxanne has been an environmentalist since she was a teen, and she is eager to share her appreciation of nature with others. Roxanne’s easygoing and confident style will make you feel comfortable as you learn kayak or canoe paddling skills. Roxanne’s business acumen and organizational skills keep us on the right track at Humboats Kayak Adventures, but she most enjoys paddling and camping with her family. Roxanne is the person to talk to if you are interested in furthering your kayaking skills but aren’t sure which class is right for you, or if you have any questions about our programs.

Our Staff:

John “Hawk” Martin
Roxanne Metz
Ed Murray
Amelia Martin
Eric Martin

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Contact Information

(707) 443-5157
Dock A, Woodley Island Marina, Eureka, CA

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 Upcoming Events
Upcoming events for July
Last updated July 1st 2012

Humboats rental shop will be closed July 2nd-9th. We open for rentals again on the 10th.

Trinidad Bay Whales & Wildlife Tour Sun. July 15th 9am-12:00pm $75pp

Full moon kayak tour, Fri. Aug. 3rd 7:00-9:30pm $50pp. Kayak the bay as the moon rises.

Learn 2 kayak lesson Sat. July 21st. 1:00-4:00pm $45pp

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Be sure to check our Online Calendar for a complete list of upcoming events.
 Latest News
July 1st 2012
10:00 am

For all our fans, followers, and would be patrons, This website is currently undergoing some changes and upgrades. The new site will be online by July 10th with lots of cool new features. We\'ll have a better photo gallery where pictures can be viewed and downloaded. We are going to be posting videos of our adventures and hosting a blog for writing about them. There will be an up to date calendar (finally) and a reserve it yourself page for signing up online. All this and more and not a minute too soon

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 Photo of the Week

Paddler: Liz Tobeck
Photographer: Click photo for full pic
Comments: Sanderlings take flight from the Oyster barge on the Mad river Slough. Liz, an avid birder glasses the flock as they pass directly by. This years Godwit days festival saw mother nature in full display!

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